Election Day 2012

I did my part today and voted. I wish that I could say that it is more exciting, but voting has not been very exciting since the first time I voted for the President of the United States. That was only exciting because I had never voted for the President. Voting would be a lot more fun if I really believed anything that our candidates have been saying.

90% of the commercials on television for the last 3 months have been campaign ads. 99% of those ads have been about what the other person has done wrong and why you shouldn’t vote for them. Do you want me to vote for you because the other dude is a screw up, or do you want me to vote for you because you are the right person for the job? (Statistics based on my personal and unscientific observations.)¬†I believe that the right person for the job is too smart to run for office.

I want a leader in office. I want someone who will go do what they say they are going to do. Is that too much to ask?