Hits of the Week #1

I am always learning new things as I read, watch, and listen to what others are sharing across the Internet. Often there are little nuggets of awesomeness that just wouldn’t make for a great blog post. So I am going to start putting those things together into one weekly post on Fridays where I share my favorite little discoveries throughout the week. With that, I present to you, the premier of ‘Hits of the Week.’

These are in no particular order of importance:

1. Use Simple Calorie Calculations to Better Plan Your Weight Loss Goals

This article on Lifehacker grabbed my attention because I am still on a weight loss mission. This article breaks the weight loss calculation into a simple formula. The idea that you must burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb can be turned into a formula to project your weight loss based on your calorie intake and the number of calories you burn each day. Here is an example of what the formula looks like to find your calorie deficit.

2000 (calories consumed) – 1900 (burned by default) – 600 (burned through exercise) = -500 (calorie deficit)

Once you reach a calorie deficit of 3500, you should lose 1 lb. Check out the article for more detail.

2. Calorie Burn Calculator

In order to know how many calories you burn all day, you will need the Calorie Burn Calculator. You may have a hard time burning calories at work if you sit in a chair all day. But you are burning calories just sitting there. This calculator will tell you how much your are burning off. Just fill in the number of minutes you spend for each activity and it will give you a good estimate of how many calories you burn.

3. Broken Home Button on iPod Touch or iPhone

This week, my son must have been a little rough on his iPod Touch and managed to destroy the Home button. It doesn’t click or do anything anymore. Fortunately, Apple has an Accessibility option for people who struggle with clicking the Home button. Here is how to fix it.

Settings – General – Accessibility – Turn on Assistive Touch

This will add a button to the screen that you can click and it will bring up a menu allowing you to click the home button from the touch screen. This saved me from having to throw out a perfectly good iPod touch other than the broken button.

I hope you enjoyed the premier of ‘Hits of the Week.’ If you have anything you would like to share that you learned this week, leave it in the comments. I would love to learn from you as well.

Have a great weekend!