Turning Frustration Into Elation

Derailed Train

[Photo Credit: aussiegall on Flickr]

Last week was one of those weeks where everything I tried to do got derailed. Projects did not get completed when they should. Blog posts did not get published. My to do list got larger instead of smaller. And to top it off, I had a day at work where I felt like I couldn’t help anyone and I am supposed to be the support guy. It was a rough week.

I was feeling frustrated and a little grumpy on Thursday night and was hoping to sleep it off. Sleeping helped, but I still felt agitated the next morning. I even had a conversation with my 6 year old where we ended up arguing over what was actually said in the conversation. I do not like who I become when I get like that. I get a vision of myself growing up to be the grouchy bitter old man who yells at all the kids when they walk down the street in front of his house.

Grumpy Old Men

I knew that I was letting circumstances beyond my control get to me and that I had the power to correct my course of action.

I am always telling my daughter to fix her attitude and I needed to heed my own advice.

Then it hit me. I needed a strategy to keep me from falling into that same pattern. When I start to experience those types of feelings, there has to be something that I can do to get me back on track. This breakthrough came to me as I was trying to knock off an item on my to do list. I was making a play list to help me jump start my day. As I was listening to short clips of these songs, I could feel the frustration wash out of me. My feelings of negativity were being replaced by elation.

This got me thinking that I should probably have more than one strategy to shift my attitude when I get a little aggravated. I thought that some form of exercise might be a good strategy or talking to a good friend. I also realized that some strategies could be negative. I am a stress eater. Stuffing my face with food always helps to make me feel better, but will have a negative affect on my health.

Today, a play list worked for me that I will be able to go to in the future. What do you do when life tries to derail your current direction?